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Favourite Shopped Sets

Hi Lovelies, 

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you who have used our codes for the website launch and Tenner Tuesday offer it means the world to us. 

We have definitely got some favourite sets being shopped so I’m going to give you a little back ground on those. 

Why you should pick Orlagh? 

Orlagh is our very first luxury set that was designed. It definitely won over the crowd with its original colour palette of mixed pink shades and a hint of white. Customers still now ask if they can have other sets in the Orlagh colours. It’s a beautifully sized set that can be arranged and displayed in many variations to fit your wall space. It’s a piece that would be fitting for pretty much everywhere and anywhere. 

Why Primrose? 

Primrose is our largest luxury piece - as a matter of fact it’s our largest piece full stop that includes lettering. Primrose was originally designed for Gaz Beadle (Geordie shore) and his partner Emma Mcvey’s daughter Primrose. I was so happy she let me design the style and work with a subtle, natural colour palette. This set has proven to be very popular since and again the colour scheme has been introduced into other sets since. 

Why choose our Small package sets? 

I am pretty much certain that this is our most sold set. It may be small but it still makes a statement. These sets are great for the smaller spaces to fill as well as making it a feature wall so it’s no surprise they’re so popular. That and the price tag! Our package sets are money savers. Designed as a package deal with a discount than if you were to buy the lettering and set separately.

made up your mind yet?

Thank you for reading 😘


Emmie Rae’s