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🎉Giveaway & new launch 🎉

Hi Lovelies,

We currently have a giveaway running over on our Facebook page so make sure to get involved for a chance to win one of our stunning featured sets. 

It has also been the launch of our stunning fairy doors this week. We have teamed up with Michaela over at Sweet Pea Craft Works so she can design the matching fairies to go with each door. 

Our launch was a huge success! We managed to sell out within 30 minutes. We have however managed to restock so if anyone would like one be quick! 

I will be using Emmie’s for her dummy fairy this Christmas and then will continue to use it for the tooth fairy and to write little notes throughout the year as she grows older. This will expand her imagination and creative thinking. I remember being a little girl and my mum writing little tiny notes to me pretending to be the tooth fairy and I honestly believed it for years. I’d have loved to have had my own magical fairy door back then. 

The fairy could also be used a bit like the elf is used at Christmas. She might appear when something special is happening. She might sit and watch on a shelf and be a good listener. She could sit with special rewards like for toilet training, good behaviour, class superstar etc she could be used as part of an invitation to play like a fairy tea party. The child could create their own magical ideas of what might be behind the fairy door when it’s magic is working. 

The list is endless for imaginative role play ideas and obviously it might as well sit pretty while doing it. 

Thank you for reading 


Emmie Rae’s